About us

Corkando products are manufactured from high quality and genuine cork leather, this cork Products are handmade in Europe with its good quality and natural design, which is a symbol of sustainability. At Corkando, we manufacture all products in Portugal and Germany on fair terms. We are also concerned about the preservation of the cork oaks in Portugal, from which our products are manufactured. So the trees are merely peeled and not felled. Our bags, backpacks, carpets and other products made from sustainable cork are the elegant and also high quality alternative to leather!

Therefore, the use of renewable and sustainable cork resources that are sewn and crafted into our products is our passion. Through the use of the natural raw material cork, we would like to distance ourselves clearly from the now dominant consumer and disposable society and from the production of artificial and environmentally harmful products. Instead, we want to appreciate the natural treasures of our planet and make use of them sensibly.

With all of this, the main priority of Corkando is to leave the environment and fair trade to a minimum exploitation, a minimum ecological footprint, as the biocapacity of our planet is extremely limited. By this, our production and delivery routes are limited to the smallest possible areas and distances so as to protect the environment in the best possible way.

We at Corkando want to integrate the valuable and unique raw material cork into the everyday life of the people.