Custom Cork Rug

Custom made cork rug !

max width 138cm / 54,3307 inch
max lenght  1500cm / 590,5512 inch

Price per square meter 139,00 €
1 square meter = 1,19599 yard

Colours on stock: natural, black, brown, wine-red ( Further colours on request )!

If you are an admirer of noble yet sustainable accents and accessories in its decor, this cork rug from Corkando with its unique pattern on natural cork is lovely! All cork rugs from Corkando are made of high quality and sustainable cork in Germany at fair conditions.

Beautify your room with new and high quality comfort by choosing a vegan natural cork carpet, as cork brings many positive qualities. Thus, cork is e.g. Insulating and can store heat. In addition, the cork is also a resistant, robust and dirt repellent, similar to leather, and is exceptionally resistant to wear.

So you will benefit from the high quality of the cork rug for a long time. The warm colours of our cork rugs look pleasant and cozy, and at the same time depicts high quality design. With our sustainable and vegan design cork rugs, your individual taste is at the forefront, because you can also express your individual colour and size presentations with us.

Please note that the delivery time of our cork carpets can be up to 14 days since all products are handmade in Germany.

Upper material cork leather back material cork granules sides are hand sewn Sustainable production Recyclable Vegan Suitable for allergic persons Slip resistant Brand Corkando

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